The Wildling Way

The Storm has Come and New Beginnings


We had trekked to and from the land of the Blood Tears, taking great pains to prevent any mishaps, but it seems that the gods nature had different plans for us. A great torrent of water fell from the skies as we walked, and it only became worse as we neared the island. My tribe seems to think the fallen sept is to blame for “dropping the lake on us” but something tells me his dreams may have come as a warning. I still cannot trust this instinct, nor any of the blood tears, but if he truly saw the future, why would they have stayed to die while we all lived? I feel the true villian here is the chief. He refuses to make decisions for fear of retaliation or being seen as weak, but his lack of courage and leadership would have doomed us all if it weren’t for our actions. I am thankful that Honovi busted in on me when she did, as… inconvenient as it was. Mordin had to wait until we found safety, but I am sure he values his life more than his temporary pleasure. We currently take refuge on the mountain and the water has left us cold. Luckily, I know how to create my own warmth.

We have been sent by the chief to find a new place to live. He says this is a "test for his possible successors, but I see it for what it is, a way to keep them away while he recovers from his current weak state. Though we have not, I would not be suprised if Mordin or some other “little Chief” returns to slaughter him. I couldn’t blame them after recent events, but I do hope that if a new chief must rise, Mordin takes that mantle. I find the bed of a Chief even more comfortable than my own. We travelled south to find our new home, and I wanted for warmth. Sadly, there are only men of ill station, odd afflictions, and seemingly unnatural affection. Honovi does me kindness by inviting me to her family tent, and I accept. They did kill a bear today, and though Akule claims to have shot it with a thousand arrows, done a back-flip over its gaping maw, and stabbed it through his heart, Honovi passed along the true story. He did not lack for bravery, but his stories tend to overstate his ability. When challenged as to what I did today while they were fighting a bear, (by the man who sent me to collect Siljie, no less,) I was forced to remind the men of the punishment for such idle talk. I cannot wait to return to the tribe and the warmth of my own bed.



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