The Wildling Way

Southern Home

Looking South for a Home

Buchongahelas has split the tribe, sending one part into each of the four winds. We are to head south- Beltebil knows of a Wyrtree two days off, and we are on our way.

The first night, we hunted and foraged. Akule downed a deer, but in doing so, attracted a bear. It began to chase him back to the camp. Honovi heard them coming (of course!) and let everyone there know. Silje was out alone foraging; Tali and RedShart agreed to find her and ensure her safety.

Beltebil, uh, began urinating around our camp and, interestingly, asked me to build a fire as he did this. While I respect his knowledge of, well, such things, he was tolerant enough to try a more direct approach, er, just this once. We headed off towards the noise, and when Akule got close, he and Awenasa distracted the bear while Beltebil filled it with arrows- pointy end first. Honovi reached the weakened bear just as it took its first swipes at Akule and finished it off. She skinned the bear, showing how hard she’s been working on her tanning skills.

As a side note, I continue to find that, often, the most cowardly actions, such as ambushing an unsuspecting bear with everyone’s help, is considered “brave”. Archery is great for avoiding hand-to-hand combat- and impressing others with your “bravery”.

Later, while feasting, Akule told the tale of how ‘he’ killed the bear. Tali objected to this version of events, even more so when I got involved- to the point of threats. She’s been favored by Mordin since we left to investigate the Blood Tear’s fires last week. Perhaps, with the talk of Buchongahelas not lasting until our return, she realizes I won’t be the next Chief but that perhaps Mordin will.

For “free” people who don’t kneel to anyone, the chief’s aging sure is causing lots of trouble.



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