The Wildling Way

Season One Epilogue 10/11/2013

Canowicakte Akule

I am Canowicakte Akule, The Son of Yiska Akule & Meda Akule, I am of my mother’s Tribe Weirwrath.

The People make their choice on who is or isn’t worthy of respect and like me Ishtfan you are a pariah to the People.

I mean no offense I speak openly of the truth of things.

My last words to you before the ceremony was that if you live it would be will of the Gods. By Their will your life was spared, and for that you should be found worthy. The People have their chieftain, rightly earn according to the tradition of the freefolk.

There are those of the weirwraith that have wait long to see their chief and that is why we are here.

(sinister look) Is that strange to hear?

Look around you, can you not see them… Yes now you see… my Fangs. They have come to pay their respect to Ishtfan, The one chosen by the gods. Let CanowicakteI Akule and Awenasa be the first of the Fangs to pledge ourselves to the Wolf Chieftain.

The people remember the old ways, but the Fang are born knowing the ways. The People will underestimate Ishtfan, but the Fangs will venerate the Wolf Chieftain. A war comes and the old gods have selected their champions. At its conclusion the People will remember what the Fangs of the weirwraith already know.

<<ishtfan name="true">> is of the weirwraith and <<ishtfan name="true">> is worthy.

(baying of wolves)

The Fangs have speak!



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