The Wildling Way

Night's Watch and the Kill Cave

"It's the kill box, Tony. Okay? This is where you go to die."- James Rhodes, Iron Man 2

In looking for a home in the south, we found a cave. Beltebil, Akule and Redshart entered to investigate. While they were exploring, Honovi spotted Morgan Tyrell and some Flown Crows on horses, chased by the Night’s Watch. Apparently, if you stop doing what they say, they declare you unfit and want to kill you for it.

We hid, but Beltebil chose that moment to return, playing his song. I called out the dire ‘Owl’ warning, but Akule, as usual, wanted to engage in conflict. We disclosed ourselves to Tyrell… and he began to threaten the Night’s Watch… with us.

I approached the Night Watch leader. This was an “Epic Bad Move” on a number of levels, but at the time seemed to be the only to avoid a massacre of our tribe members. It turned out fine, as Beltebil knew him and explained we weren’t with Tyrell.

The Night Watch erupted into action. The men I was ‘speaking to’ charged Tyrell’s group, and battle ensued. (By ‘speaking to’ I mean ‘about to be killed by’.) I ran to keep up and Silje directed me to the cave, where, for some reason, Beltebil, Akule and Redshart were letting Tyrell gut them- it seemed Beltebil’s turn was next. I shot Tyrell a couple of times for picking a fight with the Night’s Watch on our land and in our name, and told the others to stop screwing around and get back to exploring the cave.

Silje tells me we need at least a week before Akule and Redshart recover. Beltebil and Akule keep explaining they weren’t LETTING Tyrell beat on the three of them, like somehow that’s better. Ah, well, everyone is alive, we have new Night’s Watch allies, maybe a new home and now we know one Night’s Watch can’t be stopped by three of our ‘bravest and best’ warriors.

Ugh. I need to get more archery practice in.



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