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Spring is Coming

The land is beginning to feel the warmth of the sun yet once again. Tribes of the free folk are moving to better and more bountiful lands. Along with good hunting and foraging, come challenges to the tribe’s existence. Other tribes are also on the march, and look to continue peaceful ways.

Many free folk are not content with their lot, wish to continue blood feuds, or simply have turned to darker means of survival, so they prey on the weaker tribes. Of course, there are the Crows of the Wall, who stand in the way of even better lands to the South, where the reviled and soft kneelers live.

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Episode 1 – “Homecoming”

The Weirwrath tribe is settling into its southern hunting lands. The days are becoming warmer and hunting and forage is abundant. So much so that the tribe can afford to settle down for quite some time and enjoy the bounty of the land. Some things are the same, but some things are different, and old Buchongahelas wants to know what has changed with his tribe’s territory. Is it a force of nature or other men? Will it mean hardship for the tribe?

Featured Character

Canowicakte Akule

Akule is man of habits (often disturbing habits).

As a child, he was abandoned in the Haunted forest to find his power, a tribe name right of passage. He returned to the tribe covered with blood with a animal cohort and enormous buck in tow. When he told the story of his rite of passage it was of the Forest giving him “fangs” (spear, javelin and animal cohort), to killed the buck and the spirit of the buck giving him warmth through the cold night. He said he lay with his eyes to the sky on top of the buck and that he could hear the buck’s wisdom while he slept.

After the tribe received his tale, They named him Canowicakte Akule “The forest hunter that looks up.” After that day he paints his eyelids like eyes of a wolf. “So I have eyes to see the truth when asleep,” he claimed.

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