About the Tribe

Important Tribe Members

Buchongahelas: The old chief of the Tribe.

Tribal History

-5 AL
The young foundling Tribe attacked and destroyed two other tribes during a Moot that was being held to plan war against the Tribe. The hero of the attack was installed as Chief.

45 AL
The Chief’s grandson grew arrogant and attempted to expand the Tribe’s lands beyond the Haunted Forest. Defeated by a tribe from the Frost Fangs. Possible lingering blood feud?

90 AL
The Tribe purged the relatives of the Chief from the Tribe. Many tribe members continually compete for leadership.

240 AL
Leaders change until Attuaduk deposes the rest and becomes the Tribe’s chief.

265 AL
The Tribe grows under Attuaduk, and after he grows too old, he is deposed by Buchongahelas.

287 AL
Buchongahelas ushers in a new era of prosperity, but his hold on the tribe’s leadership seems to be tenuous at best, especially in his old age.

About the Tribe

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