The Wildling Way

The Fortold

Mother and I knew obstacles would happen. The greater the glory the greater the challenges. When the smoke was seen I knew it was a sign but not of what.

I was sent by the chief, with the next chief “For it has been seen but not told”, along with many others who are of import to investigate the smoke seen in our territory. I shrug my bad feeling off reminding my self that I found no knowledge of a curse upon our tribe in the tales from the others old ones as we go forth.

What we found sickened me. When we get to the smoke Kneelers with big, fancy names are there pretending to be like us, somehow making “our kind” bow before them. Crows all furred up. I know some crows come to want our life, but it is a slow change and not many at once. This is wrong. That many betraying oaths at once is scary. Seeing free people part the ways for a named other is maddening. The worst thing, the thing that made me almost vomit was the old woman.

She speaks of prophecy but knows not truth. She is trying to merge our people, saying that hers are ours from a distant purge. I do not even care if that is true. I will not allow our proud tribe to kneel and so help me by the Gods if I ever have to kneel let it be before an axe to my neck or with my friends on the other side for money.

Then we are sent back with a priest with a holy symbol that is smashed. Never did I see a thing like this over there. One who wears a God in defile is not to be trusted. I know this.

I reassured everyone that my mother would also attest that these tales are not true, but I know Mom is waiting for my word that it is safe to bring the goods to the village.

I restrained myself from killing the man pig who demanded my friend, from killing ht lying crone in her camp but I do not know how much longer I can hold my anger back. I love my tribe as a mother loves her cubs and I will dye protecting them if I must.

There's A Storm Coming

As well as our most recent scouting trip went, I can’t help but feel on edge. We were sent by the Chief to find out what was causing the recent fires in our lands. Attika tried to convince our scout to come with, and although he fancies himself the next chief, it seems he lacks a certain… finesse. It was no problem for me to acquire his services, though. It never is with men. After finding a new tribe, who happen to not only be seemingly welcoming, but apparently our prodigal brothers and sisters as well, we were able to convince them to send a small party to meet with our alliance. I fear that the party they sent will not show their best face,yet they will have to do. I must keep my eyes open around them, though. Both the Elder Mother and this fallen Septon seem… untrustworthy, to say the least.

Overall, with the exception of Akule, who has always been stubborn and difficult, the tribe seems open to the possibility of welcoming them into our alliance. I look forward to negotiating a trade agreement, as the opportunities may be worth much more than the small amount of land we would allow them. They have metal! We were all given daggers as a sign of goodwill from their leader. And therein lies what makes me so uneasy. This tribe is run by a flown crow, who, by all accounts, seems to be an agreeable enough man, but he has many other Westerosi in the tribe, and some of them seem to know who I am, even after all these years… This feels to be an omen. There is a storm on the horizon, and I can only hope that we are able to weather it.

Attika and Scouting the Unknown Fire
Two suns past, Chief Buchongahelas sounded the call and set us out to see the fire the scouts had smelled. In his wisdom, he sent Honovi the Alert, Akule the Mad, Tali the Charmer, Silje the Healer and me, Attika the Archer. I tried, but resorted to asking Tali to sway [insert name2 here] the Scout to come along- she is, well, the Charmer, and he lept at that chance.

We goed, and it is good Honovi was with us, for she smells all and soon smelled fire… and then heard talk. We found a tribe, poaching on our land. Tali sent her new friend back to inform Chief Buchongahelas. We spread, but Akule, the most subtle among us, decided silent watching was a fool’s task, and called to them. Chief Buchongahelas must not have wanted us to watch unheard, for in sending Akule he saw to it that we confronted the poachers.

Alone, Akule, entered the camp and demanded they leave. He talked strong, but did not stray far from the edge of their camp. With children laughing at him, the stranger’s leader came forth and, oddly enough, invited Akule’s wolf to eat with them. These Blood Tears must be as mad as Akule.

After seeing no effort to protect their children, the rest of us entered their camp. Free folk, led by a Flown Crow… and his brother as their Spirit Talker. They claim to be our Tribe-Kin, driven away many moons ago. Blood Tears- sad because we drove them out- who now claim to want to rejoin us. I am certain their Flown Crow leader, and his brother, left their own people to rule, not bend knee to our Chief Buchongahelas. No, these worms mean to rule us as well- before long, they will seek to out Chief Buchongahelas.

When tribes unite, leaders often die.

The Blood Tears

Chief Buchongahelas sent us out upon the land to seek the source of flame and smoke in our southern shores. Tali of the gilded tongue spoke her words and wiles upon a scout. He joined our quest. I warned the others to tread lightly as a breath of wind brought me a whisper of metal and flame. The scout we sent ahead and circled around as so to see what was ahead.

The gods spoke to me again through the winds and brought voices of foreign tongues. They spoke the words from over The Wall. We met men in the woods and Tali spoke her honeyed words to them. We went to their village that rested in our lands. There we found The Blood Tears. Free people who have a flown crow as their leader. Many words passed between my people and theirs. The gods must have smiled upon those words for we stayed in their camp that night and feasted upon their meats. We heard their songs. They called us lost brothers, then told us their tales of bereavement from the Weirwraths.

We took our rest under their roof and dreamed our dreams. We took their storyteller and the brother of the leader with us to speak to the council. I trust this brother not. While I wish for trade and peace with our lost brothers, we must be ever wary. Our tribe are born warriors. We shall remain free warriors.

Adventure Log - Canowicakte Akule

Adventure Log 2013-06-06

I am Canowicakte Akule, The Son of Yiska Akule & Meda Akule, I am of my mother’s Tribe Weirwrath. Let the Old Gods bare witness that I speak only truths.

It was wise for the chieftain to ask us to search out the cause of the smoke. For I have seen Blood Tears and they venture into our lands unbidden.

The Blood Tears hide treachery behind words of peace and prosperity. I see their lies as the shackles they are. It sickens me to see Freefolk so easily cowed be kneelers and I fear there are those among us that would trade away our freedom to join the Tears’ herd.

They wish to take part in our bounty? Let them ask for it with honest words and they should have it. They wish to be consider of our tribe? I say no! No words can be spoken that will sway me on this matter.

Chief Buchongahelas will surely hear me and see the wisdom of my words.

I have spoken.


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