The Wildling Way

Lead with the mind, not with the fist

We have left the kneelers to return to our tribe. Attika seems to be lost in the woods along with my husband. I do hope we can find them soon or that they return to the tribe. Old chief is dying. I fear he will not last long. There was a great disturbance over this in camp when we returned. One of the sub-chiefs was proclaiming his right to become chief. He was defied and struck Silje.
It seems I have forgotten that my fights with the giants. I must learn to be more careful with my fellow Weirwraiths. I could not forgive him for hitting Silje. I feel sympathy for his family, yet none for taking his life. This was the will of the gods that he die. I fear that I have the fear of my tribe now. I just hope the children will not fear me over much.

A wilding from the Bloody Tears showed up with a claim to lead us. The chief approved this but I do not. I have no wish to be lead by a man from the Bloody Tears who has not proven himself to our tribe. He somehow though is able to shift his skin to that of a wolf. This leaves me conflicted. He shall not lead us but what can I do to eliminate this problem?

An Unusual Alliance

Tonight we shared a camp with the crows we previously helped. Though my initial efforts to gain supplies for the tribe fell on deaf ears, Attika and Akule’s long game seemed to sway their minds. Attika also pointed out a mark for myself, and during Honovi’s dance and Akule’s story, I practiced my talent as well. Though Attika made sure to point out one of the more… repulsive of the crows, it was a small sacrifice, as after quickly wearing down his will, I found out that he is one of the men in charge of the supplies of the Night’s Watch. It is my hope that this relationship, though unconventional, will lead to new glory for our tribe.

Celebration before the Borrow
Canowicakte Akule

I am Canowicakte Akule, The Son of Yiska Akule & Meda Akule, I am of my mother’s Tribe Weirwrath. A bonfire burns before the ancient grave of a forgotten champion; a funeral pyre for the weirwraith time of weakness.

I do not grasp all the caves secrets, but its purpose is clear. The ancient borrow was create for a hero of a great war against giant men. I am in awe that freefolk would pay such a respect to a warrior; more so for a man who is not of the freefolk. What victories could he possibly have had to gain such respect?

The recent events moved me so that Red Sharthe and I built a bonfire were both wraith and crow could feast and celebrate before the champion’s borrow. I spoke the tale of our time near the wall, though I left out the tale of the barrow. A grand tale no the less! Hanovi performed a dance that captivated all who beheld it, The leader Morgan shows Attika the deference he is owed , and it is likely that the… former kneeler will have all of crows possession stack high in her tent before Beltebil has the chance to claim the scrapes from a single trade.

Not all have earned their respect, but we hold sway over the kneelers. They will be useful tools to the weirwraith.

The Crows

These Crows seem to show us no ill will as of yet. I do not trust them entirely around Tali. I believe they recognize her from her youth. This does not matter, She is free now and will remain so. This I swear as Honovoi. Our people showed them our greatness through song, story and dance. I do not know what got into my spirit that night but I do know that dancing for the crows and my people may strengthen the bonds between us. I showed them my prowess with blade and body. Perhaps, I had too much strong drink.

Wyrwraith and Crows Share a Camp
Allied with the Crows
Beltebil and Akule tell me this cave has stories to tell. Now, it has another- the day the Wyrwraiths and the Crows first discussed an alliance. After the Crows attacked Morgan Tyrell’s men and killed them, we formed a joint camp, with Akule preparing a Bonfire of Victory. Akule told his version of the day’s events, emphasizing how he bested Morgan in hand-to-hand combat, even after returning his dropped weapon… or some such thing. Honovi showed them skill with acrobatics and weapons, Beltebil sang and played his Ukulele and Tali entertained them with her charming demeanor. John Karstark said he wanted to speak with our Chief. Akule objected to this, apparently concerned John was being offensive. Akule has a way with people, and John was visibly shaken from their interaction. All went well, though. John and I spoke, and I explained we were in the process of looking for a new main camp. He seemed hesitant, but eventually agreed to allow us to stay near the wall, at least until meeting the rest of our tribe. I agreed to arranging a meeting.
Kneelers Tongue

After the times we have had of late I think that we will need to change some things within the tribe. The younglings and those born from now on must learn the kneelers tongue and I will offer to teach this to the Little Chief as well, perhaps Tali can help me teach him. Things at the cave would have gone much easier if we could all speak it.

When we found land to consider and investigate for our peoples I did not think that we soon be surrounded by Bloody Tears and crows. We were split, some in the cave, some on it and the others hiding with me in a briar patch. Yes all ended well, thanks in large part to Beltebil. We emerge from this stronger and I hope this an omen. I hope when all of our people come together again that we will all be stronger.

This habit of splitting up to far must also end. We are lucky to have survived, it is by fate. We can not always count on fate and Beltebil to make things good.

I must say I was proud of little chief. He walked the field of battle directly to the crows.

We will see what the next days hold with the crows and what came from the exploration of the cave. I also wonder what the crows intend to do with the rest of the Blood Tears or what they my have already done, we need those children.

As of now all I can think very clearly on is the warriors of the cave who need my healing hands.

Many Changes, All the Same
"In a hole in the ground there lived a bear." Beltebil

Dear Ian,

It feels a wolf’s age since we have spoken. Even now the only way I can speak with you is in these words, on scrap paper, hidden.

Once again your weasel of a brother has gone under their foot, and been disregarded.

It started a little over a week ago. I was on my way back to the island after hunting deer, the sky had gone dark like a great snow was coming, and here came two omens. One nice and one false.

The asked me on the shore of the lake to help them with outsiders, a kneeler and false freemen. I went with. Eventually, as I was ready to slay them for being near our home instead they chose to lead them home.

The spirits showed their angers by unleashing a lake upon ours, I knew our home was to be gone. I warned them and left. They followed, and only ones to die were the outsiders.

After we had dried out on falcon’s hill chief sent us all out to find a new home. I knew of those good lands south, near the wall. We went there and I led them to land with game, food and land. Did they thank me, what do you think?

No, but we fought a bear. They were not as smart as we. Instead of staying to the tree and marking our territory they faced it. I helped save Akule. I like him, but he is brave to death. Just like I remember you Ian.

The next day we found a cave and ventured into it. The things Akule, Red Sharth and I saw. I didn’t understand them, you would have. The cave of the dead bear I’m calling it, both for the bear’s nest and what was at the end.

There were pictures on smooth stone that Akule says was from some old war perhaps, and a hero. The hero’s body with black rock weapons was in a place of honor. Akule made me leave them, though I did sneak some into my pouch.

The cave 2

When we went up to get the others there was the head kneeler of the false tribe. I played your fiddle Ian, he was amused and distracted. It gave enough time for the great archer to warn me to danger, about the time I figured that out. Hiding near the mouth of the cave while Akule acted the brave fool.

Not long after we heard Crows shouting at the kneeler king. A flown crow, and the gods were with us. I knew the lead Crow from my times south. I called out and explained that we weren’t with the false tribe and friends with them. That’s when the fighting started.

Knowing that the kneeler king would kill our family I drew him into the cave where the three of us fought with him. Red Sharth was close to death, but my bow and Akule’s spear had him near death. That’s when the great archer came to steal the kill. Let him have it, we’re better in the shadows aren’t we Ian?

So now to show the others the cave, while keeping friendly with the crows. I need to get to our stash Ian. If these fools foul the water of our crows I will likely lead them to the traitor’s pass. You remember it I’m sure, I do.

Soon we will head back to Falcon’s Hill to let chief know what we have found and our deeds. That is if that chief is still there. He’s old, a coward, lets the false one sway around and pull power while the other cowards and greater men plot his fall. Maybe soon the Wraiths will fall again. We hope not don’t we Ian?

I will burn this letter, and my sad sketch, in hopes the words find you where you are like I always do.

Canowicakte Akule

I am Canowicakte Akule, The Son of Yiska Akule & Meda Akule, I am of my mother’s Tribe Weirwrath. The wind blowing through the haunted forest. The Old Gods whisper the words of change.

I once feared the fool Buchongahelas would bring the end of the weirwrath. Scattering the clan to the wind to avoid shaming eyes of the People.

Does he not know that alone the burden of failure weigh just as much?

I now take heart for the days of Buchongahelas comes to its end. He hopes to clings to his undeserved mantle with trickery. Sending some of the People lead by Wahpekute south towards the Kneeler’s Wall. Cowardly Buchongahelas prays for his timid rivals’ downfall.

Does he not understand Attika Wahpekute is of the Weirwrath and the People are not so easy to remove?

The Old Gods sent harbingers to announce the end of Bechongahelas rule and the beginning of a new rule. The Stag, The Bear, The Crow. The Weirwrath’s cunning will always fell the nimble deer; the Weirwrath’s strength does not wan before the might of the bear. The Weirwrath courage shall never falter beneath the shadow cast by Death’s messenger.

Behold! We return stronger. Carrying these signs of the future. Buchongahelas’s false trial has been passed and Buchongahelas’s foolish ruse shall bring his downfall!

I have spoken.

New Alliances
After the bear attack, we all found a spot that could make a suitable land for our tribe. While the others scouted the cave and Siljie went scavenging for berries and healing herbs, I kept watch with Honovi. We had thought we found a safe and tenable position after the bear attack, but, of course, we were met with yet another violent challenge. Honovi, as always, saw five, then six, then seven black crows heading our way, as she kept her eye on them, I made haste to inform Attika so that he could ready the tribe, and then went to collect Siljie, meanwhile, we were informed that twenty more black brothers were close behind the other seven. Fearing the worst, we scrambled to come up with a plan. Two of our men were in the cave, and we couldn’t leave them, so running was not an option. But then, we saw that the first seven were Bloody Tears, in fact, Morgan Tyrell was with them. They seemed scared and were setting up for a “last stand” as it were. I then knew that we were in luck! If we could hide, the black brothers chasing these flown crows would deal with them as usual, and we could be on our way. Siljie and I took Ravenspear and Qu’aichuk and buried ourselves in a briar-patch. We were almost immediately pinned down by a Bloody Tear brandishing a large sword, making it impossible to even breathe, for fear that we would spook him.

Beltebil soon came out of the cave playing some sort of instrument, alerting the Tears to our presence. He seemed pleased, though Akule certainly did not. Tyrell announced to the Men of the Wall that we were with them, but luckily, Beltebil knew one of them through trade and was able to convince them we were most certainly not. That is when the fighting broke out and I made my way out of the fray. I went to Honovi’s hiding spot on the top of the cave as the Crows made short work of the traitorous Bloody Tears, and I could only pray to the gods that the rest of the tribe was alright. Akule, Beltebil, and Attika all emerged from the cave with a very beat up Redshart. Akule was also much worse for wear, with bloody gashes all over his chest. I do not know what happened, but I am sure that Akule will tell us all of how he came into possession of Tyrell’s head. For once, I look forward to this story. I also look forward to negotiating with our new, yet unconventional friends from the wall. We certainly look forward to gaining some horses for our tribe and perhaps one of the brothers will even share warmth with me before they have to go. I do sometimes miss the men of Westeros…
Night's Watch and the Kill Cave
"It's the kill box, Tony. Okay? This is where you go to die."- James Rhodes, Iron Man 2
In looking for a home in the south, we found a cave. Beltebil, Akule and Redshart entered to investigate. While they were exploring, Honovi spotted Morgan Tyrell and some Flown Crows on horses, chased by the Night’s Watch. Apparently, if you stop doing what they say, they declare you unfit and want to kill you for it.

We hid, but Beltebil chose that moment to return, playing his song. I called out the dire ‘Owl’ warning, but Akule, as usual, wanted to engage in conflict. We disclosed ourselves to Tyrell… and he began to threaten the Night’s Watch… with us.

I approached the Night Watch leader. This was an “Epic Bad Move” on a number of levels, but at the time seemed to be the only to avoid a massacre of our tribe members. It turned out fine, as Beltebil knew him and explained we weren’t with Tyrell.

The Night Watch erupted into action. The men I was ‘speaking to’ charged Tyrell’s group, and battle ensued. (By ‘speaking to’ I mean ‘about to be killed by’.) I ran to keep up and Silje directed me to the cave, where, for some reason, Beltebil, Akule and Redshart were letting Tyrell gut them- it seemed Beltebil’s turn was next. I shot Tyrell a couple of times for picking a fight with the Night’s Watch on our land and in our name, and told the others to stop screwing around and get back to exploring the cave.

Silje tells me we need at least a week before Akule and Redshart recover. Beltebil and Akule keep explaining they weren’t LETTING Tyrell beat on the three of them, like somehow that’s better. Ah, well, everyone is alive, we have new Night’s Watch allies, maybe a new home and now we know one Night’s Watch can’t be stopped by three of our ‘bravest and best’ warriors.

Ugh. I need to get more archery practice in.


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