18 year old Wildling Seductress


Animal Handling 1, Athletics 4
Awareness 3, Cunning 4
Deception 4, Endurance 3
Fighting 3, Knowledge 3
Persuasion 4, Warfare 1
Will 4, All else 2

Speaks Common and the Language of the First Men (both 2)

Intrigue Def 9, Composure 12
Combat Def 9, Health 9


Stolen from over the Wall from a minor noble household by Honovi of the Weirwraith, Tali was taken to be a concubine for the sparsely populated tribe. Though her “kneeler” features set her apart from the violent tribe, she has become a valuable member, as she is much more competent in a different kind of warfare, the social intrigues. As with all members of the tribe, even slaves, she was trained to become a semi-competent melee fighter, but was never seen as worth much. A few years back, though, a Chief of the tribe’s admittedly loose leadership took her far outside of her camp to have his way with her, but were found by a small patrol of Night’s Watch rangers. Before the Chief could throw away both of their lives by attacking, Tali convinced them to take her in exchange for both their lives, promising pleasures beyond their wildest imaginations. A skilled contortionist, she loosed herself from her bonds once they made camp, killed the watchman and the other two men of his patrol in their sleep. Soon after, a war band of the tribe arrived to see what Tali had done, greatly impressing the importance of her skills on the tribe. She was soon freed from her slavery and given full rights as a member of the tribe. Today, she negotiates treaties and trade agreements for the tribe, (a generally “new idea” for this tribe,) as well as providing certain services in exchange for favors, her preferred currency. Those who do not pay as agreed, generally awake “unwhole.”


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