Silje Eira


Name: Silje Eir
Gender: Female
Height: 5 Foot 5 1/2 Inches
Weight: Never told even by a wildling woman
Hair: Blond with a braid for each child she helped birth
Eyes: Death Walker Blue

Clothes: Padded Armor, Fur, Shell Jewelry
Equipment: Hunting Bow, Dagger, Healers Stuff

Stats and junk coming soonish!


Silje is of the line of Eir, the old great wise woman whose crystal blue eye foretold the end of many chiefs and the birth of many children. Eir made practice not to take sides politically with in the tribe unless she had to and became as known as “The Blind” even though she had the uncanny ability to see all before her. To make sure the family line continued and the distancing from clan fights was made easier she slept with any and every man she wanted not caring to know who fathered her children. The fact that many of our line have looked like great chiefs and warriors mean nothing. So it was, so it is today, so it will be tomorrow.

Silje means the blind healer and Eir is of the greatest healers, so she is the great blind healer. She does not know who her father or any recent male ancestors are and will pass these ways down to her children. She will stand by the head of the tribe, heal her people, lead them in ceremonies and often find her way into the beds of the powerful. She is more free and powerful than even other wildling women and she enjoys her position in life. She does struggle with being able to see through people so easily, sometimes you do not like what you see.

“When I was a young child my mother Edda talked to me about the future of the clan. She did so with great fear in her heart. She heard rumors the the kneelers of all people had herbs and foods to help with fertility but could not leave the tribe to find them. She began to teach me what she had heard of them from the Crows and from visions. We began to plan and she started teaching me the Kneelers tongue.

As soon as I thought I was old enough I left our people in the middle of the night and crossed the wall. It is easy to cross when you climb into a bed instead of climbing over it.

The other side is what I call it. The other side is scary and cruel to women. They do possess great secrets and I soon made good friends with women who secretly laid with crows and lords. They got sick allot but I used my arts on them and we taught each other many things. I liked them. They only kneeled when they were paid to. They remind me of Tali who is fierce to my heart.

I had many adventures while on the other side and realized that these people usually know nothing and will pay well for wise, or even kind words, in addition to other services. I used this to complete my quest for the clan but before doing so had many other small adventures and opportunities. I improved my ability to read and speak their language, learned the sad tale of the once proud Starks, made crow friends that the clan can work with, increased trade opportunities and more. Mother will proud but I had to start the plans I alone also had for us.

One of my greatest victories was learning from a Maester and an old wise woman. The healing skills they have lost is sad and the “old stories” they tell twisted. It served my purpose though. I also have tools now to help remove bits of arrow, real metal!

I climbed the wall on the way back though. I wanted to say I climbed it. I climbed back down the same side though so that I could help get the goods over. How I got the goods through though, that I do not want to discuss. I spent to long there. I knew that but I had to return my own woman, not just the girl who did as told. I had to bring back more than Mom planned.

When I returned I acted as if I just crossed the wall and spent time with giants, and roaming. That is also all true but not as much was gained from that time. I needed to observe the tribe and make sure all was well before bestowing my gifts upon them. Some of what I brought back is hidden in my things and the rest my mother guards outside of the camp with those we trust.

I have yet to speak the chief about the glory I bring us, or to speak to Attika privately. I will need his support, and though he does not know it yet, he will need mine. I also need to speak to my dear friend Tali and thank her for letting me know what look for over there. As soon as I returned mother tore into me about being gone so long, and leaving so early. We played our parts well, but I suppose me actually doing so helped. Then smoke was seen and new events took me away."

Returned with and or learned:
Kneeler Healing
Kneeler Healing kit
Kneeler “old tales”
Kneeler arts of a woman
2 Kneeler Farmers to milk the cows, tend animals and grow the foods we never have before
Fertility foods and aphrodisiacs such as wild yams, onions, blueberries and raspberries, cows, turkies and so on (we eat to much fish)
Increased trade arrangements with crow and non-crow
Increased ability with Kneeler Tounge
Maps of the north and near the wall
An old metal dagger
Connections with crows, common folks, prostitutes, mistresses, a Maester and wise women
Fertility potions for me made with Maesters
Misc stuff

Silje Eira

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