Honovi Stonefist


Dark of hair and eye
5’6" tall
carries a axe and dirk
strong bearing of body and aware of her surroundings
She is strong from her time among the giants.


Honovi wondered in her strengthening period away from the tribe as a child. She lived among a giant tribe who taught her to fight and survive in the icy north. She bravely went into battle with them. She dodged among the foes quickly and struck that them that declared her as fleet-footed as a deer. Honovi (Strong Deer) took this as her name. She went back to her tribe but her wondering foot soon lead her south and over the wall. There she met a lord’s daughter named Tali. She took her back over the wall for her tribe, wanting a slave to do her minor duties for her. The tribe found the daughter beautiful and took the girl for tribal population duties.

She has always found herself blessed with acute hearing and a sense of smell. It helped her survive among the giants and beyond the wall. She has attributed this as a gift from the Old Gods to help her tribe. The spearwives have given her the name Stonefist after seeing her knock down a subchief with a single blow. She proudly bears this name to honour the god given dreams she has experienced.

She is at one with her husband, Garris. He calms her spirit when her blood runs high. Her temper seems to get the better of her at times.

Honovi Stonefist

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