Self Proclaimed Scout of the Tribe


Beltebil was born from his tribe, small and runtish. Around the other kids he had to learn to think quick, know how to get away, and avoid those that would hurt him. No one expected him to survive his time to wander the Haunted Forest. And, neither did he. He moved southward, thinking he may be able to find someone to help him. Perhaps, someone he could use to cross to the Crows.

However, when he met some from the South and began to travel around with them he learned a few things. They were using him, did not respect him, and tried to have him betray his people. It was one thing to be looked down on by his own. But, these kneelers trying to get him to betray his family was another.

Beltebil, realized that these kneelers were no crows and could easily manipulated. He pretended not to understand them as well as he did. Contacting some of the war chiefs at night from his own tribe he arranged to help betray those weak southerners and earn his place back home.

He chose to keep the name Beltbil, once a cruel nick name by the other children, and now wears it as a badge of honor.


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