Attika Wahpekute

25 Year old Wyrwraith Archer


25 Year old Male Wilding that lives in the Haunted Forest and is a member of the Wyrwraiths
6’, 180 lbs, Brown Hair, Green Eyes
Wears bone armor, carries a bow, often wears face/body paint.

6D: Marksmanship (1B Bow)
4D: Agility (4B Acrobatics), Awareness (2B Empathy), Persuasion, Will
3D: Athletics (1B Strength), Cunning, Endurance, Status, Survival
1D: Animal Handling, Warfare

Intrigue Defense 10, Composure 12
Combat Defense 11, Health 7
Destiny 3

Benefits (4):
Acrobatic Defense: Gain Minor action “Dodge”, this gives +8 Combat Defense till next turn
(Improved) Armor Mastery: Armor gains +2 AR, -1 Bulk and -1 Combat Defense Penalty
Cautious Diplomat: Full action “Consider” gives +2B on all tests till end of intrigue

Flaws (4):
Childhood Disease: -2 Health
Craven (“Conflict Avoidant PTSD”): -1D in all combat, Will 12 to overcome fear and gain +1B
Fear (Giants): -1D in presence of adult giant, roll 1d6 each round, ends on a 1
Honor Bound (“tribe loyalty, honesty”): Reroll all 6s on deception tests and take second roll

Bone Armor (-4 damage)
Recurved Bow (5 damage, 2 Hands, Powerful, -1D per 100 Yard?)


Name means “Round-headed Shooter in the Leaves”, goes by “Attika”

Attika typically carries a bow, wears bone armor and wears tribal paint. He often wonders “Isn’t there more to life than conflict?”

Attika survived his childhood proving period by being found, sick and near death, by two Giant children. They nurtured him to health much as human children would a small, sick animal, hiding him from their parents (who likely would have simply put him out of his misery). This horrible experience resulted in permanent weakness from the sickness, paranoia regarding full-grown Giants and a conflict-avoidant case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Attika attempts to prevent the warrior-minded Wyrwraiths from knowing of his cowardice, but, he is otherwise honest and empathic to others. (He knows what it feels like to need someone else for survival). He has high status among the tribe bio is expected to lead, but his decisions are tainted by his cowardice.

To fill the roll of warrior, Attika has become one of the best archers in the tribe and serves as long-range support during hunting, defending and raids. This position is one of the safest warrior roles, so he works hard to avoid being displaced by someone more capable. To help feel even more safe, he insists on wearing bone armor. Over time, he has become quite adept at maneuvering in it.

Attika would be an adequate leader as he is honest, has empathy for others and is loyal to his tribe, but his severe cowardice makes that impossible. He is generally unwilling to demonstrate excellence as a warrior or even to engage in verbal power struggles; however, when his tribe members are in danger, he attempts to overcome his fear, and can be capable of great actions. (In game terms, the -1D penaltiy instead becomes +1B if he makes a Will 12 roll.)

Attika Wahpekute

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