The Wildling Way

Wyrwraith and Crows Share a Camp

Allied with the Crows

Beltebil and Akule tell me this cave has stories to tell. Now, it has another- the day the Wyrwraiths and the Crows first discussed an alliance. After the Crows attacked Morgan Tyrell’s men and killed them, we formed a joint camp, with Akule preparing a Bonfire of Victory. Akule told his version of the day’s events, emphasizing how he bested Morgan in hand-to-hand combat, even after returning his dropped weapon… or some such thing. Honovi showed them skill with acrobatics and weapons, Beltebil sang and played his Ukulele and Tali entertained them with her charming demeanor. John Karstark said he wanted to speak with our Chief. Akule objected to this, apparently concerned John was being offensive. Akule has a way with people, and John was visibly shaken from their interaction. All went well, though. John and I spoke, and I explained we were in the process of looking for a new main camp. He seemed hesitant, but eventually agreed to allow us to stay near the wall, at least until meeting the rest of our tribe. I agreed to arranging a meeting.



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