The Wildling Way

Two Men Enter...

A true Weirwraith is our chief after all, as Zhusuela has defeated Ishtfan in one on one battle. I am conflicted as to this Chief’s rising, as he is not the man I would have chosen, but it is good that we are not led by a stranger. The wise woman was so sure of Zhusuela’s defeat, and though I advised a contingency plan in the case of Ishtan’s fall, my words fell on deaf ears. Though I pointed out that according to our dreams we would be foolish to name who the Chief would be, as we all dreamed a different one, it seems that to some, I am still unworthy to counsel. She is vulnerable now, as the Dream-Chief she claimed has fallen. I fear that the tribe will soon ferret out her madness as those of us who were closer to her now have. I tried to help, but I can no longer; we have more important matters to now attend. All of our dreams contained a great battle against the undead, of that, and only that, can we be certain. We need all the leaders we can muster, and it is good that Zhusuela spared Ishtfan, as though I may not trust him, I do realize what resources he can bring.

Mordin and I will confer with Honovi and her people. The “crowning” of the new Chief, as with all Chiefs, will cause some unrest. We must work together to contain it and ensure our subchiefs will be ready to lead and rule. Among other things, Mordin and I spoke in the privacy of our tent. I haven’t yet taken a family name, as I came here as a slave, but he feels that my actions now warrant that I am given a title, much like Ishtfan, who was given a new life today with his Name.

Though some try to deny me, I rise to help lead this tribe to glory. I am Tali’Zorah, The Next Dawn.



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