The Wildling Way

There's A Storm Coming

As well as our most recent scouting trip went, I can’t help but feel on edge. We were sent by the Chief to find out what was causing the recent fires in our lands. Attika tried to convince our scout to come with, and although he fancies himself the next chief, it seems he lacks a certain… finesse. It was no problem for me to acquire his services, though. It never is with men. After finding a new tribe, who happen to not only be seemingly welcoming, but apparently our prodigal brothers and sisters as well, we were able to convince them to send a small party to meet with our alliance. I fear that the party they sent will not show their best face,yet they will have to do. I must keep my eyes open around them, though. Both the Elder Mother and this fallen Septon seem… untrustworthy, to say the least.

Overall, with the exception of Akule, who has always been stubborn and difficult, the tribe seems open to the possibility of welcoming them into our alliance. I look forward to negotiating a trade agreement, as the opportunities may be worth much more than the small amount of land we would allow them. They have metal! We were all given daggers as a sign of goodwill from their leader. And therein lies what makes me so uneasy. This tribe is run by a flown crow, who, by all accounts, seems to be an agreeable enough man, but he has many other Westerosi in the tribe, and some of them seem to know who I am, even after all these years… This feels to be an omen. There is a storm on the horizon, and I can only hope that we are able to weather it.



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