The Wildling Way

The Craven Chief

As a youngling I never understood the history we had of killing our chiefs. As a woman who watched the island sink I understand much more. The fault is not entirely with the Wise Woman and that should not be forgotten. Chief was to scared to make the choices on his own. Then when he did not like the outcome he blamed me in front on the tribe. He is a craven.

Sadly, he can not be taken on at the same time that the Blood Tears are dealt with. What will come of the loss of the island I am unsure of but the price we almost paid for trust was to great. The price we almost paid for not listening to our gut was to great. We should have killed them and their leaders. It will not happen again.

Nor will I so blindly ever try to please the chief. What ever comes will be at the choice of my friends and by our hands or the hands of others we trust in addition to our own.



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