The Wildling Way

The Blood Tears


Chief Buchongahelas sent us out upon the land to seek the source of flame and smoke in our southern shores. Tali of the gilded tongue spoke her words and wiles upon a scout. He joined our quest. I warned the others to tread lightly as a breath of wind brought me a whisper of metal and flame. The scout we sent ahead and circled around as so to see what was ahead.

The gods spoke to me again through the winds and brought voices of foreign tongues. They spoke the words from over The Wall. We met men in the woods and Tali spoke her honeyed words to them. We went to their village that rested in our lands. There we found The Blood Tears. Free people who have a flown crow as their leader. Many words passed between my people and theirs. The gods must have smiled upon those words for we stayed in their camp that night and feasted upon their meats. We heard their songs. They called us lost brothers, then told us their tales of bereavement from the Weirwraths.

We took our rest under their roof and dreamed our dreams. We took their storyteller and the brother of the leader with us to speak to the council. I trust this brother not. While I wish for trade and peace with our lost brothers, we must be ever wary. Our tribe are born warriors. We shall remain free warriors.



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