The Wildling Way


I will not stand for this. The gods have sent me dreams and portents. It is the strongest they have ever spoken to me and the spearwives coming to me have only confirmed it within my mind. A great battle lays ahead against monsters with blue glowing eyes. I will lead my tribe to victory against them. I do not wish to make children for this tribe. I have more important things to do and only after this charge is laid aside shall little ones be in my future.

I only wish the best for my tribe, though not all of the tribe may not see it now. I must cool my head and think about this. Silje is my friend. Heated words may have passed between us and I did not agree with what she said. She kept the chief from us all and the policies of the tribe were not clear to us all. I did not take a comment of the chief as his final trial to his sub-chiefs as his final rite of passage to them.

This tribe needs leadership that will lead us to victory into the battle ahead. A stranger from another tribe is not the leadership we need. We are not the splinter group. We are the Weirwraths. Tali has convinced me to stay, I was reluctant but agreed. Sometime with Garris will help. We shall discuss these matters in private. He has always helped me center myself.

This I know to be true though, Gods have spoken to me through my dreams. I shall listen even if I must wait to take my place. I just hope the battle shall wait as well.



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