The Wildling Way

Return to Camp

After our scouting mission was done and Beltebil had found strange black bladed weapons for us all, we returned to our temporary camp to find the Chief on his deathbed and two of the subchiefs arguing over his dying body. A highly offended Siljie spit on one of the arguing men and was immediately punched in the face. She didn’t even attempt to block it, which leads me to believe she does this for political gain, no doubt. Of course, any gain was lost as a furious Honovi put any analysis of the situation aside and delivered a neck breaking punch of her own. My inner joy that one of our favored subchiefs now had a much better chance of winning the upcoming game of thrones was soon diminished as a new challenger from the Bloody Tears appeared demanding a spot in our trial. How did he even know? There must be spies in or around our camp. As the tribe was in an uproar, I gathered my most trusted associates and promised favor to the one who killed this man. As the entirety of the tribe had voiced their displeasure at his appearance, I thought this to be a simple endeavor, but unfortunately, the wise woman found that he can change his shape, and for some reason feels the need to defend him near the fire, as if this suddenly makes him less of a threat. Wise indeed. I can only hope our subchiefs realize they must remove this threat before removing each other on the morrow.



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