The Wildling Way


Were's My Island?

Wheres my island

We talked of what to do about the Blood Tears. We traveled home with their “Wise” Woman and “Priest”. Plans were made of what to do, but in the end, the rain came and washed away the plans… and the visitors and our island. Whatever we thought to do about the Blood Tears must be re-thought in the light of “How will the Blood-Tears react when they discover their Wise Woman and Lunatic Priest are lost?”
Who would think their tribe (the Wyrwraiths or Blood Tears) inspires such hate that newly-met people would drop a lake on themselves to cleanse the earth of their legacy? The forces that want conflict, Blood Tears and Wyrwraiths alike, claim to think so, and will try and use this event to justify having their way, but what they claim happened is not rational.
And what if it is? What plans of action are there against those who drop lakes on their foes? Steel weapons are the least of our worries if it comes to that.

- Attika



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