The Wildling Way

Power and Control

Time Passes Slowly

I have felt this often, when there is stress and danger, as on the hunt or in battle- or, really, during any conflict. My senses sharpen, my body readies… and time passes slowly.

But today, there is no hunt and there is no enemy yet at our door. No, on this day, there is power and control up for grabs, and it seems to be human nature to seek it. The instinct seems so strong it can overcome “survival” itself- look at Akule, who’d rather die than allow another to sway his actions- he’ll never surrender that power and control.

People are busy giving reasons why others should surrender power and control over themselves. For some reason, the gods and prophicies and family heritages never seem to conclude “treat others as they wish to be treated”. It is, however, what I have concluded and, even if it means the end of me, it is what I shall work towards.

Time passes slowly, but, finally, I am at peace.



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