The Wildling Way

New Alliances

After the bear attack, we all found a spot that could make a suitable land for our tribe. While the others scouted the cave and Siljie went scavenging for berries and healing herbs, I kept watch with Honovi. We had thought we found a safe and tenable position after the bear attack, but, of course, we were met with yet another violent challenge. Honovi, as always, saw five, then six, then seven black crows heading our way, as she kept her eye on them, I made haste to inform Attika so that he could ready the tribe, and then went to collect Siljie, meanwhile, we were informed that twenty more black brothers were close behind the other seven. Fearing the worst, we scrambled to come up with a plan. Two of our men were in the cave, and we couldn’t leave them, so running was not an option. But then, we saw that the first seven were Bloody Tears, in fact, Morgan Tyrell was with them. They seemed scared and were setting up for a “last stand” as it were. I then knew that we were in luck! If we could hide, the black brothers chasing these flown crows would deal with them as usual, and we could be on our way. Siljie and I took Ravenspear and Qu’aichuk and buried ourselves in a briar-patch. We were almost immediately pinned down by a Bloody Tear brandishing a large sword, making it impossible to even breathe, for fear that we would spook him.

Beltebil soon came out of the cave playing some sort of instrument, alerting the Tears to our presence. He seemed pleased, though Akule certainly did not. Tyrell announced to the Men of the Wall that we were with them, but luckily, Beltebil knew one of them through trade and was able to convince them we were most certainly not. That is when the fighting broke out and I made my way out of the fray. I went to Honovi’s hiding spot on the top of the cave as the Crows made short work of the traitorous Bloody Tears, and I could only pray to the gods that the rest of the tribe was alright. Akule, Beltebil, and Attika all emerged from the cave with a very beat up Redshart. Akule was also much worse for wear, with bloody gashes all over his chest. I do not know what happened, but I am sure that Akule will tell us all of how he came into possession of Tyrell’s head. For once, I look forward to this story. I also look forward to negotiating with our new, yet unconventional friends from the wall. We certainly look forward to gaining some horses for our tribe and perhaps one of the brothers will even share warmth with me before they have to go. I do sometimes miss the men of Westeros…



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