The Wildling Way

Many Changes, All the Same

"In a hole in the ground there lived a bear." Beltebil

Dear Ian,

It feels a wolf’s age since we have spoken. Even now the only way I can speak with you is in these words, on scrap paper, hidden.

Once again your weasel of a brother has gone under their foot, and been disregarded.

It started a little over a week ago. I was on my way back to the island after hunting deer, the sky had gone dark like a great snow was coming, and here came two omens. One nice and one false.

The asked me on the shore of the lake to help them with outsiders, a kneeler and false freemen. I went with. Eventually, as I was ready to slay them for being near our home instead they chose to lead them home.

The spirits showed their angers by unleashing a lake upon ours, I knew our home was to be gone. I warned them and left. They followed, and only ones to die were the outsiders.

After we had dried out on falcon’s hill chief sent us all out to find a new home. I knew of those good lands south, near the wall. We went there and I led them to land with game, food and land. Did they thank me, what do you think?

No, but we fought a bear. They were not as smart as we. Instead of staying to the tree and marking our territory they faced it. I helped save Akule. I like him, but he is brave to death. Just like I remember you Ian.

The next day we found a cave and ventured into it. The things Akule, Red Sharth and I saw. I didn’t understand them, you would have. The cave of the dead bear I’m calling it, both for the bear’s nest and what was at the end.

There were pictures on smooth stone that Akule says was from some old war perhaps, and a hero. The hero’s body with black rock weapons was in a place of honor. Akule made me leave them, though I did sneak some into my pouch.

The cave 2

When we went up to get the others there was the head kneeler of the false tribe. I played your fiddle Ian, he was amused and distracted. It gave enough time for the great archer to warn me to danger, about the time I figured that out. Hiding near the mouth of the cave while Akule acted the brave fool.

Not long after we heard Crows shouting at the kneeler king. A flown crow, and the gods were with us. I knew the lead Crow from my times south. I called out and explained that we weren’t with the false tribe and friends with them. That’s when the fighting started.

Knowing that the kneeler king would kill our family I drew him into the cave where the three of us fought with him. Red Sharth was close to death, but my bow and Akule’s spear had him near death. That’s when the great archer came to steal the kill. Let him have it, we’re better in the shadows aren’t we Ian?

So now to show the others the cave, while keeping friendly with the crows. I need to get to our stash Ian. If these fools foul the water of our crows I will likely lead them to the traitor’s pass. You remember it I’m sure, I do.

Soon we will head back to Falcon’s Hill to let chief know what we have found and our deeds. That is if that chief is still there. He’s old, a coward, lets the false one sway around and pull power while the other cowards and greater men plot his fall. Maybe soon the Wraiths will fall again. We hope not don’t we Ian?

I will burn this letter, and my sad sketch, in hopes the words find you where you are like I always do.



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