The Wildling Way

Lead with the mind, not with the fist

We have left the kneelers to return to our tribe. Attika seems to be lost in the woods along with my husband. I do hope we can find them soon or that they return to the tribe. Old chief is dying. I fear he will not last long. There was a great disturbance over this in camp when we returned. One of the sub-chiefs was proclaiming his right to become chief. He was defied and struck Silje.
It seems I have forgotten that my fights with the giants. I must learn to be more careful with my fellow Weirwraiths. I could not forgive him for hitting Silje. I feel sympathy for his family, yet none for taking his life. This was the will of the gods that he die. I fear that I have the fear of my tribe now. I just hope the children will not fear me over much.

A wilding from the Bloody Tears showed up with a claim to lead us. The chief approved this but I do not. I have no wish to be lead by a man from the Bloody Tears who has not proven himself to our tribe. He somehow though is able to shift his skin to that of a wolf. This leaves me conflicted. He shall not lead us but what can I do to eliminate this problem?



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