The Wildling Way

Kneelers Tongue

After the times we have had of late I think that we will need to change some things within the tribe. The younglings and those born from now on must learn the kneelers tongue and I will offer to teach this to the Little Chief as well, perhaps Tali can help me teach him. Things at the cave would have gone much easier if we could all speak it.

When we found land to consider and investigate for our peoples I did not think that we soon be surrounded by Bloody Tears and crows. We were split, some in the cave, some on it and the others hiding with me in a briar patch. Yes all ended well, thanks in large part to Beltebil. We emerge from this stronger and I hope this an omen. I hope when all of our people come together again that we will all be stronger.

This habit of splitting up to far must also end. We are lucky to have survived, it is by fate. We can not always count on fate and Beltebil to make things good.

I must say I was proud of little chief. He walked the field of battle directly to the crows.

We will see what the next days hold with the crows and what came from the exploration of the cave. I also wonder what the crows intend to do with the rest of the Blood Tears or what they my have already done, we need those children.

As of now all I can think very clearly on is the warriors of the cave who need my healing hands.



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