The Wildling Way


Canowicakte Akule

I am Canowicakte Akule, The Son of Yiska Akule & Meda Akule, I am of my mother’s Tribe Weirwrath. The wind blowing through the haunted forest. The Old Gods whisper the words of change.

I once feared the fool Buchongahelas would bring the end of the weirwrath. Scattering the clan to the wind to avoid shaming eyes of the People.

Does he not know that alone the burden of failure weigh just as much?

I now take heart for the days of Buchongahelas comes to its end. He hopes to clings to his undeserved mantle with trickery. Sending some of the People lead by Wahpekute south towards the Kneeler’s Wall. Cowardly Buchongahelas prays for his timid rivals’ downfall.

Does he not understand Attika Wahpekute is of the Weirwrath and the People are not so easy to remove?

The Old Gods sent harbingers to announce the end of Bechongahelas rule and the beginning of a new rule. The Stag, The Bear, The Crow. The Weirwrath’s cunning will always fell the nimble deer; the Weirwrath’s strength does not wan before the might of the bear. The Weirwrath courage shall never falter beneath the shadow cast by Death’s messenger.

Behold! We return stronger. Carrying these signs of the future. Buchongahelas’s false trial has been passed and Buchongahelas’s foolish ruse shall bring his downfall!

I have spoken.



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