The Wildling Way

Attika and Scouting the Unknown Fire

Two suns past, Chief Buchongahelas sounded the call and set us out to see the fire the scouts had smelled. In his wisdom, he sent Honovi the Alert, Akule the Mad, Tali the Charmer, Silje the Healer and me, Attika the Archer. I tried, but resorted to asking Tali to sway [insert name2 here] the Scout to come along- she is, well, the Charmer, and he lept at that chance.

We goed, and it is good Honovi was with us, for she smells all and soon smelled fire… and then heard talk. We found a tribe, poaching on our land. Tali sent her new friend back to inform Chief Buchongahelas. We spread, but Akule, the most subtle among us, decided silent watching was a fool’s task, and called to them. Chief Buchongahelas must not have wanted us to watch unheard, for in sending Akule he saw to it that we confronted the poachers.

Alone, Akule, entered the camp and demanded they leave. He talked strong, but did not stray far from the edge of their camp. With children laughing at him, the stranger’s leader came forth and, oddly enough, invited Akule’s wolf to eat with them. These Blood Tears must be as mad as Akule.

After seeing no effort to protect their children, the rest of us entered their camp. Free folk, led by a Flown Crow… and his brother as their Spirit Talker. They claim to be our Tribe-Kin, driven away many moons ago. Blood Tears- sad because we drove them out- who now claim to want to rejoin us. I am certain their Flown Crow leader, and his brother, left their own people to rule, not bend knee to our Chief Buchongahelas. No, these worms mean to rule us as well- before long, they will seek to out Chief Buchongahelas.

When tribes unite, leaders often die.



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